Downtown State College

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By Our Staff

These pieces all come from the minds of our staff and the hands of our two goldsmiths. From time to time each staff member draws inspiration to design something that can't be found anywhere else than Moyer Jewelers.
  • Amaranth Garnet Pendant

    Amaranth Garnet Pendant


  • Dinosaur Bone Necklace

    Dinosaur Bone Necklace


  • Multi Colored Drusy Necklace

    Multi Colored Drusy Necklace


  • Shield Shaped Amethyst Pendant

    Shield Shaped Amethyst Pendant


At Moyer Jewelers, each piece of jewelry is an artistic expression and our in-house designers are artists always looking for the next inspiration. The jewelry pieces in MJ Creations are tangible expressions of the artistic inspiration. Check out other designs by Cate.